Just Fine

Today started off fine. Not wonderful, but not bad either. Just fine. I woke up feeling as though I had gotten enough sleep and even layed in bed a few minutes before my alarm went off with the weight of Cali’s head on my feet. I let myself thoroughly enjoy the feeling of her head slightly moving as she licked her gums and making that wierd sound she makes when separating her lips from her teeth.

My hair was a little difficult in the style department because I need a cut, and am just about at the six week mark where the hairs are starting to stick out in ways they were not meant to. But the joyous hair cut day is Thursday so I felt good about that being my thing I would look forward to this week. Then I got dressed and applied the make-up and the jewelry and it was all good. Even taking Cali out this morning was fine, she peed quickly and I did not see too many snails.

The ride to work was fine. Music was good, news updates were good. All in all, the day started off fine.

Then as I was parking my car in the garage at work, I heard on one of the local radio stations that there was a contest going on every weekday for the next few weeks where this station will announce a song at 7am that they will play sometime during that day. Then if you hear it, be a specific caller and BAM! You win $10,000. I felt like this was my lucky day and was determined to win. Somehow I convinced myself that I would win and right now, as I tell you this story, I do not know why I thought that. But I went on through the rest of the day thinking about what I would do with the dough after winning. I even signed up on the radio station’s website to be one of their members so I knew what time range in which the song would be played. Somehow I thought I could win even with the delay from my work computer that was streaming in the music.

Then, with an hour left of the time range for that one song to be played, I had to go to lunch and decided to buy a lottery ticket and win that game as well. I even picked what my numbers would be after checking out the official Mega Millions website and seeing that the odds of winning anything (not just the jackpot) are 1 in 39. They felt like good odds at the time. After eating my lunch outside in a shockingly cold California afternoon (65 degrees) I walked one mile in one direction and then another mile in the opposite direction. I could not find one store that sold lotto tickets. Defeated, I bought $3.00 worth of gum and trudged back to the office. Then as I sat down at my desk, I realize there was 20 minutes left in the time range for the $10,000 song a day giveaway. So I turn the volume up on my computer just in time to hear some chick calling in and actually winning…AHHH!

Today started off fine. Not wonderful, but not bad either. And it all went downhill from there. I am slowly realizing that I will not be an instant millionaire today and have to get up tomorrow morning, go to work and carry on in the life I was living. (sigh)

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