The Bachelor Update

Last night I watched the Women Tell All episode, which airs live. So when they called Matt out to answer some questions, he really had to watch what he said so he did not lead on to who he proposed to at the finale (which airs next week). But I did notice a few things which lead me to believe he chose Chelsea (poor Shayne!).

First of all, when Matt came out in front of the Bachelorettes that he rejected and the live studio audience, he said something along the lines of “I felt like I had a better connection with Chelsea….(insert long uncomfortable pause here)…and Shayne.” Sounds like he already forgot about Shayne. Then, when they show glimpses of next week’s final episode, they position Shayne and Chelsea in two different ways in the garden facing him so when you see Matt kneeling holding the mystery woman’s hand, you know it is Chelsea. Unless that is ABC’s way of totally throwing me off. But I just know he picks her.

The rest of the show was Chris Harrison, trying to get a rise out of the girls and exploit the drama caused by Robin and Marshana. Pretty tacky, minuscule stuff so I will not be going into any further detail about that.

Next week, Chelsea and Shayne travel to London with Matt to meet his family. Then they head to Barbados once again for the final rose ceremony and that is where Matt proposes and the mystery girl accepts. I can’t wait!

In two weeks, The Bachelorette will start a new season starring…drum roll please…DeAnna from the previous season! Remember? She got dumped by Brad who in turn did not pick either DeAnna or Jenny at the final episode. In the previews for this new season of The Bachelorette, they even show DeAnna possibly proposing at the finale. I can not wait to watch more of DeAnna. She was so sweet and had a great personality. Her family was really nice too. I look forward to watching her find true love.

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