Mommy & Me

I like to think that Cali says that to herself when it is just me and her in the house or when we spend the day together. Ryan is in San Francisco on business the rest of this week so it is just the puppy and me curled up in a queen sized bed of fluffy sheets and feather pillows. Instead of Cali laying at my feet (or rather, on my feet) like she does every other night, she curled up next to me last night, her head on Ryan’s pillow. I like waking up in the middle of the night and pulling her close to spoon. She does not groan or sigh, just settles in for a good cuddle.

Cali has gotten very, very good at holding it in when she has to pee, which we are ecstatic about. The other night, she peed on our walk around 6:30pm and then did not get let out again that night. I was watching The Bachelorette that night in the office with the door closed (so that my talking to the TV did not bother anyone) and just assumed Cali would ask Ryan to go out. Either she did not ask or he did not listen, but either way, she did not go out.

The next morning, after I snoozed my alarm a couple times, she crawled up to me with her front paws, dragging her butt, feet and tail behind her and she laid on my stomach, our noses touching. The minute I slowly fluttered my eyes open, I could feel her body tremble as her tail started to sway back and forth—and that is when the smooches began.

Ryan rolled her off of me, into his arms while I got up to shower. But I could not even get to the teeth brushing before I heard her sniff under the door. That is when I knew she needed to pee. So I got some sweats on and took her out. Finally, success! She holds it in and asks to go out, I feel like throwing a party!

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