Her Name Was Lola

She was a cowgirl wandering lonely streets of Southern California 
until she was found and delivered to the PetsMart. 
Still skittish from her abandoned past, she had trouble 
finding comfort in a store packed with other discarded creatures. 

Her whimper was muted forever from lacking care, 
which made her quickly become the silent mutt of the bunch. 
But then one day, her rescuers came and slipped her into 
a Louis Vuitton T-shirt to keep her warm from that day on. 

It was difficult for her to adjust to the mansion on Edgecliff Circle… 
there was so much food in her little bowl—so little time to devour it; 
too many rabbit holes and bushes to explore in the vast back yard; 
and an abundance of love disguised as smooches from everyone around her. 

Slowly, she learned to be a tough-dog at the doorbell’s cry, 
but can not help turning scaredy-cat in mere seconds after the door is opened. 
Her biggest triumph of all is fighting for her share of the limelight 
when the pushy Border Collie tries to steal all affection. 

Through many struggles in the past, she has discovered that in these new surroundings, her outward viciousness is only a façade for an inner coyness… 
Deep down inside, she loves to be coddled and scritched, 
appreciated for her cuteness, and to dream under the covers all night long.

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