Dirty Water

The other day I was out on this job where I
had to crawl through the sewer because the
watah lines were mixed up with the leech
field, see? Brian and I, we’re on our knees
in there and then he climbs out. I says,
“What’s your problem?” “I’m getting eaten
alive by those bugs.” There were so many
goddamn deerflies everywhere, and Brian’s
such a pansy ass that he waited outside
while I scooped thru the shit. So after about
an hour, I went into the coola to get
somethin to eat. Brian and the new kid, Jon,
they finished diggin the trench when I was
almost done with my sandwich and Jon
looks at me for a bit and says, “Did you
wash your hands before you started eating?”
Now, he didn’t see me rinse off, so I says,
“Nah, that shit don’t bother me.”

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