Tasker Tango

I am an Angelees 
living in New Hampshire, 
choking on nostalgia and a Tanzania Tirade. 
Farewell phone calls 
and sisterly I Love You’s 
linger like the plague. 
With the right-to-left of my ’04 tassel, 
A Wheaties Autobiography 
is finally returned 
with four years worth of late charges. 
I know that 3,000 miles away 
Prince Charming is waiting for me: 
waiting while I fold 
22 years of memories 
in 16 days and then pack them 
perfectly in purple luggage. 
But ever after is on hold, 
paused in freeze frame 
while I float through a million goodbyes 
in three different states, 
dwelling on the fact that there is 
never enough tissue to pull away strong. 
My future’s suspended 
for one last hurrah 
with the ones who mean the most, 
and hurt the worse to leave… 
Aunts who have stepped in 
as extra mothers; 
Uncles who have supported me 
like proud fathers; 
Cousins younger and older 
who have made me laugh until I’ve cried; 
Grammies and Grandpas perpetually present 
to chit and chatter while life zips by; 
My Father, the King, 
my hero and my friend; 
And my Mother 
who is my truest confidant of all. 
But before they let me go 
I’ll ask them all to dance: 
I want to sweep them off their feet- 
promise my steps ahead are paramount, 
and pledge my footprints in New England 
will never lose their luster.

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