Midnight Chant

The lights are out, 
but the glow 
from underneath my door 
illuminates select items 
around the room. 
I can’t see it, 
but I know it’s there… 
a Snowball sitting 
tauntingly on my bookshelf. 
It’s begging, 
from the darkness of the far wall, 
to be released 
from its cellophane. 
My eyes forget to blink 
as they focus on the dark, 
and try to envision the sweet dome. 
Racing thoughts of 
beach vacations, 
bikinis and tan lines 
fail to avert me. 

The coconut will be crunchy 
come tomorrow; 
the marshmallow will harden 
the hidden chocolate cake, 
shielded by these 
colorless sugars, 
will take longer to grow stale, 
but why take the chance? 

Junky calories 
resonate from underneath 
fluffy cream filling… 
my ears strain 
to resist what can not be 
muffled by plastic wrap– 
hostess hostess hostess. 
By the invasion of hallway lights, 
my fingers become thumbs 
as they frantically rip the wrapper, 
shoving 6 fat grams 
into my mouth 
with three swift bites.

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