What do you know about this man? 
Who was someone’s son in Pascack Valley; 
A girl’s first love in Annapolis… 
Then her husband at St. Dominic’s; 
Who was a father first in Los Angeles 
Then a father again in Jacksonville? 

What do say about this man? 
Who traveled from state to state over many years; 
To succeed in an industry 
That would make him a legend 
And transform his name into something untouchable? 

What do you think about this man? 
With “CRW” stitched on each cuff 
Of neatly pressed dress shirts 
Made imperfection-free each night by the man, 
Who worked tirelessly underneath the stars, 
To thrive and rise above 
Those in corner offices with a view. 

Do you wonder about unwavering certainty? 
That which is found in this dedicated man who is 
Proudly taking this journey and making his mark 
On a lifetime made of personal and professional firsts. 

You may have your own opinions 
And you may believe many things; 
But it is not what you think of him 
Or what you have heard about him… 
But that you are privileged to know him. 

To truly know Clark Woods 
Is to know the father, son, husband and friend. 
And if you get the occasion 
To have an audience with him, 
You will appreciate his approving grin— 
Cunningly stuck halfway 
Between a laugh and a sinister smile… 
Revealing everything about himself 
And then again, nothing at all.

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