For What?

For money: 
for champagne diamonds 
and pink&white acrylics. 
For stilettos and suede 
and hair sprayed updos. 
For confidence in new-found beauty. 
For the perseverance to plan 
and never cancel. 

For transformation: 
for a chance to taste the bizarre 
and savor the uncanny. 
For disgust of a lemming life 
and envy of Self. 
For all worker-bees of this world 
and the select few who strike against the Queen– 
For my right to royalty. 

For frugality: 
for dollar menus 
and seeking out every cut-able corner. 
For the right to encourage wishful thinking 
and a pinky-promise at eleven:eleven. 
For saving up myself and spending it on others 
in unwanted conversation. 
For the privilege to set standards 
and the gall to stand by them: 
For saving face.

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