Four Day Weekends

Four day weekends are pretty sweet. My office gives us the day off for the day after Christmas and New Years (in addition to getting those holidays off), so as a result I get two four-day-weekends in a row. But that Monday after those two long weekends is pretty rough. And the full week after those short weeks is even harder to get through. If my Dad is reading this, I know he would be laughing at me right now, saying I should buck up and how he works 80 hour weeks in the summertime and yada yada yada. I know Dad, I know. 

But I am soft, I need long weekends, short work weeks and plenty of time to lounge around my house in my pajamas. I enjoy going for late morning walks with my puppy and not having to rush back for anything or anyone. I am not a fan of shoveling snow or having more than a couple responsibilities that need my attention on a day off. I know that will change once I have child. They say kids change everything. Cali is the closest thing we have to another being that needs taking care of. And things have changed since we took her into our home. I know things will change even more when there is an addition to our family. And it is not like I can put the baby in a box with a frozen-peanut-butter-kong for 4 hours and expect it to all be ok. I mean, as long as Cali is in the box with the kid, I am sure that everything will be fine. Just kidding.  

Despite having the opportunity and urge to do nothing on my days off, I actually got a lot accomplished…cleaned the house (even scrubbed the shower), did lots of laundry, entertained a few family and friends for lunch and dinner, and did some minor organizational things that really improved the live-in ability of the house. I probably sound like a dork, but i like hanging around the house and doing things like that. It gives me such a big feeling of accomplishment and makes me rest easy at the end of a long day, knowing I actually got a few things done. I get a bigger sense of accomplishment after a day like that on a Saturday or Sunday, than any day of the week after being at work for eight long hours. I think it is because these days off I get to do things that are for me and my family, they have a bigger impact in my life than what I do for a company.

Don’t you ever feel that way?

As much as I love long weekends, there is a small piece of me that enjoys being back in the daily, normal routine of five days at work and two days off…who am I kidding, I LOVE GETTING EXTRA DAYS OFF!!!

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  1. Aunt Lisa says:

    I like having free time more than I like money. Call me crazy, but I find more happiness in my life being with loved ones, playing with kids, and making crafts or writing books I’ll never publish. No, I don’t like housework, but I also feel a sense of accomplishment when I organize my cubby where everything gets stuffed when I don’t know what to do with it. They say clutter is stressful. I believe it. Cluttering your mind with work is stressful. I concur, Nicki, that lounging in PJs is relaxing and always welcome.

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