The Bachelor – Will I ever watch again?

Maybe. Maybe not. But before I decide, I feel obligated to express my disgust with Jason from the most recent season of The Bachelor. He actually proposes to Melissa, then 6 weeks later dumps her live on national television and asks Molly if they can give it another go.

Jason is so lucky that Molly still has feelings for him. I believe she still loves him and does want to make it work. But if I was her, I would have made it harder for him. Don’t just stare (as if she had to think long and hard about it) and then kiss him and say “yes, I still have feelings for you.” What about Melissa? I know Molly was competing with her, but would it have hurt Molly to stick up for her own kind and say, “After what you did to Melissa just now, I do not know how I feel about you. I will have to think about it.” I think America would have appreciated that response more and may not be so angry right now.

I have tuned in to all the After The Final Rose shows and even heard an interview on 104.3 My FM with The Bachelor’s host, Chris Harrison (who also plays indoor soccer with my hubby). And I understand Chris’ logic when he said that Jason came to ABC while the show was airing and told the producers he wanted to end it with Melissa and try to make it work with Molly. I mean, come on, what do you do? Even Chris said that they had 2 ways to go. One was to do what they did, show the break up live or, the second choice was to not show it at all, and instead have Jason and Molly appear together. In the end, I think ABC did the right thing.

I do not have much of an opinion of Jason and Molly. I don’t care what happens to them because I feel like so much ABC time has been wasted on Jason with The Bachelorette and then The Bachelor. His time is up. As much as I totally hated Jillian during this past season of The Bachelor and her annoying Canadian accent, it will be refreshing to have her as the next Bachelorette. So maybe I will keep watching the show…who am I kidding? I can not live without it!!!

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