Dancing with the Stars

I never really got into this show. I started watching it a couple of seasons ago, but it just seemed like there was too much drama and it did not satisfy my craving for reality TV. Maybe too dramatic? Maybe the dancing was just plain boring? But this season, all of that will change.

Tonight, when I get home, I will set my tivo to record every episode of this season’s Dancing with the Stars because Melissa (the most recently rejected Bachelorette from the Bachelor, Jason Meznick) is going to be competing.  Check out the details here.

Just imagine how great it would be if Melissa stole the show and actually won the entire thing? What great exposure for her! And what a BAM! TAKE THAT smack in Jason’s face. She will be all over ABC for the next six weeks. It is like every girl’s dream when they get dumped for another girl–they want that guy to regret it and they want him to think about the mistake he made. Whether it really was a mistake for Jason to dump Melissa for Molly, I really could not care less. 

Starting today is my Vote-For-Melissa campaign. I will actually be participating in the stupid event where viewers vote for which dance couple they like best (I have never done this before, not even for American Idol, which is a show that I just LOVE). I do not care if Melissa falls on her face or has no rhythm, she is getting my vote! I want her on this show as long as possible so Jason can not even turn on the TV without seeing her face. It is my own personal way of saying: SUCK IT JASON!

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