Dancing Melissa

I thought my girl, Melissa, did pretty good on Dancing with the Stars. She probably has the most dance experience out of all the other “stars” on the show this season. I have high hopes that she will make it far in this competition.

I do not think I could have watched Dancing with the Stars (or would not be able to ever again) if I was not recording it to watch later. I prefer to fast forward through the boring parts…the intros, the judges comments, the dancing when it is not Melissa (ok, so I ended up watching the 2 hour show in about 20 minutes, is that wrong?).

The other dancer I am interested in seeing do well is Steve-O, the Jackass side-kick. I love the show Jackass and the movies too. The most uncomfortable stunt that I still remember to this day from one of the movies is when they were giving themselves paper cuts in odd places like between fingers and toes, on the face and in the corners of the mouth. It was just unbearable to watch, as is everything they do, but I still enjoy watching them torture themselves and others just to get a laugh. I think it is cool that Steve-O is taking this kind of challenge and that his Jackass peeps are in the crowd supporting him. It is an odd way for ABC to get more viewers, but I think it might work. It might also change some people’s minds about him.

I thought it was ridiculous that Denise Richards was crying during the rehearsals. I mean, come on already! Buck up! There’s no crying in Dancing with the Stars! I love how she referenced her acting career by mentioning her role as a Bond girl where she played the most unfathomable character in The World Is Not Enough; she was a nuclear physicist named ‘Christmas Jones’ —no one can even for a second believe that one. Her dancing on Monday night was just as believable as her background as a nuclear physicist. I’m just not buying it.

And that is all I really made note of that night. No one else stood out in a ridiculously bad or ridiculously good manner. Like I said before, if Melissa was not competing this season, I would not even be talking about this show right now.

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