I know that I am probably going to piss off some of my friends and relatives (mostly my aunts) by saying this, but it must be said…

I hate receiving emails that are forwards.

Especially ones that tell you at the end of the message to send to 10 of your friends–and if you do not do this, something terrible will happen to you or someone you love. Well isn’t that just lovely!? I have never received a forward that I liked reading or after reading it, felt better about myself or my life. Usually these forwards are life lessons telling you how wonderful you are or how wonderful it is to have a wonderful friend (like the one who sent you this wonderful forward) and you are just so darn lucky to be part of this wonderful world…wonderful shmunderful. I just can not read another forward.

Now, there is an exception to this rule. I am a fan of funny animal (especially dog) pictures. I am guilty of forwarding these types of emails to a couple people now and then if I feel they are just too funny for my eyes only.

I hate getting a forward from someone that I know how innocently they pressed the ‘forward’ key on their email and happily typed in my email address. And it is usually from friends (not relatives) that I receive forwards that require the recipient (in this case, me) to fill out a questionnaire about myself and send to 10 of my friends, including the one who initially sent it to me.

For a split second, I feel horrible about hovering my mouse pointer over the ‘delete’ button and decide that just to maintain the friendship, I will answer the silly questions and send it back to that one person. Because what would that friend think about me if I do not reply with my own personal answers to these questions that they took the time out of their own lives to answer themselves? In this instance, I give in and carry on the silly ritual.

But why? Why do I feel pressure to succumb to the peer pressure of email forwards? If you have insight, please leave some.

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