I am liking this Twitter thing that I recently signed up for. I am a fan of texting and having it appear on my blog (see panel to the far right) and I love checking in on it every few days and seeing new people that have joined. It is like a fun web-surfing thing I do from time to time—I pull up someone’s personal page, see who they are following and then go to that person’s page, and so on and so forth.  I like reading the random “tweets” from the people I follow, some are funny, some are informative and some I have no clue what they are talking about—but I read on none the less. 

I like getting emails from Twitter telling me that someone new has decided to follow me. It feels like a high five from this new person, like a warm cyber-hello that makes me feel more welcomed to the Twitter community. I especially like it when this new person is someone that I know or am slightly-to-moderately friendly with because now I can choose the “Follow” option on their Twitter profile and start to stay in touch with a tweet here and a tweet there. Everywhere a tweet tweet.

I anxiously await my cell phone upgrade in six months when I can get an email capable phone such as the Blackberry or G1 offered by T-Mobile. I am so limited to what I can do on my current Samsung Blast that I find myself envying my husband as he emails and surfs the web on his Blackberry. I think that one of these phones will give me more access to my site and be able to update it regularly when I am not at home or work where I would normally use a computer.

The world is becoming so electronically programmed that you can do just about anything with a computer or cell phone. Put the two together and you can actually send a message to the world wide web, how crazy is that? What I want to know is what lead the creators to calling it ‘Twitter?’

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