Monday Night TV

Monday nights are just packed for me and my hubby as we tune into or Tivo the following TV shows:

  • Gossip Girl
  • One Tree Hill
  • House
  • 24
  • Castle
  • Bachelor
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • How I Met Your Mother


And this is on top of what we Tivo’d over the weekend (Big Love, Kings) and shows from weekdays the week before (Trust Me, Lie to Me, Damages) that we have to watch before the next new episodes air in the following few days. It is a pretty hectic schedule and let’s face it, something had to be bumped. That is when we hit “Cancel Recording & Delete” on Dancing With the Stars. I was sad at first, but all these other shows we have been following for months, and some of them for years; they are just so much better than watching some hacks try to dance better than my girl Melissa. I know she’ll go far, I’m not worried, but here it all ends, my following of DWTS. Someone should talk to ABC about putting it on another day of the week because Mondays are way too busy for me.

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