I like sausages. These days my favorite sausages are made with roasted garlic and Gruyere cheese. Mmmm, I can taste them now…

I like them grilled, but pan-fried with butter are just as good. We bought a stash of them from the Costco a few weeks ago and after eating a couple, we froze the rest. I am really bad about remembering to set them out in the morning so they will slowly thaw in time for dinner that night. This morning was one of those forgetful times.

I emailed my hubby on his blackberry to set them out before he left the house and he did, but instead of putting them in the refrigerator like I had asked, he put them in a zip lock bag on top of the microwave on our kitchen counter. Eeeeek! That has disaster written all over it! I have been frantically thinking about it all day long and each time I think about it, a mini premonition plays in my head like a movie: Cali is lounging around the house, basking in a sun beam, eating her food, romping around with one of her toys and then all of a sudden, the scent of thawing sausage wafts to her nostrils.

She finds herself in the middle of the kitchen, looking up in the direction of the scent and ever so effortlessly, she leaps on top of the counter and stares at the package of meat.

I like sausage…I like cheese…these smell so good…just one lick.

Her tongue reaches towards the package and the plastic flavor is so inviting that she ever so gently grabs the bag with her front teeth and pulls the bag to the floor where she investigates it further.

See where my mind goes? Ryan seems to think Cali is a “good girl” and would not do this, but a dog is a dog. Whether they are good or bad, they all like sausages and cheese, let’s be honest people! I will have an update for you later after I get home and either find the thawed sausages still on the microwave untouched…or in the belly of a sleepy basenji. Only time will tell.

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