Blue Room & Graceland

Cali has been just wonderful when we leave her alone in the house to roam free, sleep on the couch, cuddle in the bed covers or eat her food, whatever she pleases. We stopped putting her in the crate about a month ago and so far, no horrifying incidents, so we did what we never thought we could ever do: we broke down the crate and are now storing it in the garage. Cali threw a party the day we did this, she was thrilled to see that thing put away.

We did some furniture hunting for a piece that would fit in the spot where the desk was positioned. It was an ancient piece of press-board furniture the sellers left for us and now, it just had to go. Ryan borrowed some hand saws from his dad’s garage and we broke it down one Friday night after work. After multiple late-night trips to Cal Lu’s dumpster, we eradicated all traces of the desk.

The piece of furniture we found for that spot is ideal for a TV with some drawers, shelves and even glass cabinet doors. It even came with holes for all the cords. We found a nice flat screen TV to put on top of it and bing-bang-boom, we have the blue room. I should probably preface the name “blue room” by telling you that we replaced blue light bulbs for the white ones and now there are three blue spot lights in the room. It looks really cool. We have some ideas for movie posters and concert memorabilia and even some Wheaton soccer stuff from Ryan’s hay-day that we want to frame on the walls. But for now, it is a lovely viewing room with a comfy couch and theatre chair.


I was excited about doing some decorating to our house and keeping costs at a minimum. I think it is fun to find way to cut costs and still have it look trendy and inviting. But the blue room was so quick and I was yearning for more so I made a deal with Ryan. He could do whatever he wanted with the walls in the blue room if I could do whatever I wanted with our guest room. He was quick to agree.

That minute, I went into the guestroom, closed the door behind me and started to rearrange furniture. I had a vision and it was so exciting to execute my ideas, without having to run them by my hubby. I made a couple trips to Bed, Bath & Beyond for matching dust ruffle and window treatments and even an online trip to for the right shelving unit. My mom packed up my Elvis memorabilia she had been trying to send me for years since moving into this house and one week later, “Graceland” was finished. I thought I would have to paint to truly transform the guest room, but turns out I just had to hang up some curtains, move the bed and frame some records.






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