What does it all mean?

I have very vivid dreams. I have discussed this before. Last night I dreamed about a murderer who was killing random people that his female accomplice was seducing. The murderer would remove the victim’s heads after killing them and bury them with a note the victim was allowed to write.

Then I would see detectives reading these notes, looking at the pile of heads, trying to figure out who the killer is. One victim had his eye balls mushed out of his head so he was left with a fleshy, bloody mess where his eyes used to be and I could feel it! That is how vivid my dreams are.

It was so disturbing that I woke up when my alarm clock started to do the ding-dong-ding and I just sat in bed for a few minutes trying to get a grasp of reality, pushing aside the unreal dream I just had and the murders that were all in my head. I googled the dream and Dream Moods told me that witnessing murder (but not committing it) indicates I have “deep-seated anger towards somebody,” but also that I should “consider how the victim represents aspects of [myself] that [I] want to destroy or eliminate.” 

Deep-seated anger? I’m a pretty get-along kind of person. I do not really, truly hate anyone. I mean, there are people I know that annoy me, they make me role my eyes when they say idiotic things or ask the stupidest questions, but I do not hate that person.

But I am having a hard time reliving the dream to get a sense of who the victims were. They all seemed so random, guys, girls, anyone could be the victim in this particular dream, so how can I possibly tell if any of them represent aspects of myself that I want to eliminate? I like me.

I think that perhaps I watch way too much Law & Order.

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