There are two ways to pronounce this nut: (PE *) CAN -or- (PE *) CAAAHN. One is the normal way and one is the hoity-toity way.

For instance, (PE *) CAN I go with you to the store? Sounds normal, right? Like every other person in the world.

Or, you can say it like you have a stick up your butt, (PE *) CAAAHN I join you for tea and strumpets while wearing my flowery hat?

I like the normal way because I do not like sounding like someone I am not. It is just a nut, not some rich, elegant delicacy that stuffy people enjoy eating with their pinkie in the air.

I think it has more to do with where you grew up. I am from the East coast and hints of my Boston accent do slip out now and then when something is “wicked good” or when we “go out on the town and get re-taaaaaded.” That could be why I call them (PE*) CANs and not (PE*) CAAAHNs.

Am I right?

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