Snow Patrol

People have memorable moments in their lives that they reflect upon, whether they be a happy memory, or something so sad that they cry even though it happened months or even years ago.

I got the call my Grammy died on a Friday morning, it was December 12th and Snow Patrol was playing on my car radio. When I fumbled my cell phone to retrieve the call, I knew but I didn’t know what it was about. When I saw my Mom was on the other end, I knew but I didn’t know why she was calling. It is like I was outside of myself watching my body move, my fingers tremble as they wrap around the phone. I listened to my own robotic responses for a minute and then a collision of emotions come like a wave over me and I am no longer outside of myself. I am crying.

Every time I heard “Crack the Shutters” by Snow Patrol I think about my Grammy. Not about the day she died, just about her. It is happy but somber at the same time. The lyrics to the song mean nothing, it just happened to be playing when I got the call.

I think that everyone has something like that in their lives, at one point or another, that pops up and it helps them to remember.

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