Laker Hater

I am not a huge fan of the NBA. My favorite professional sports to watch on TV are MLB and NFL. My favorite teams to watch are the Red Sox and the Patriots. But watching any of the NBA teams (even the Celtics) is just so boring to me. I do not mind tuning in to the last 30 seconds of a playoff game, that can be interesting, but regular season games are so blah.

I especially hate watching the Lakers (insert Daddy’s cheer here) because Ryan LOVES them. So when they are losing to the Houston Rockets WITHOUT YAU MING it just makes being in Ryan’s company impossible to enjoy. He is so passionate about the Lakers as a team (and even the individual players) that his emotions are thus determined by how well they play and not necessary if they win or lose. But a win does assist in a good mood and a loss makes him so so angry.

I spent the entire Laker’s game last night up in the blue room watching the shows that I tivo for myself and do not watch with Ryan: Law&Order, 90210, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. I also tivo’ed the movie Nanny Diaries with Scarlet Johanson so I watched that as well. I still hate her by the way.

When the Laker game started to wind down, Ryan did not because the Lakers were going to lose. So I did my wifely duty and went to the grocery store at 9:30pm to get him his requested dinner: frosted mini wheats and milk.

I may be a Laker hater, but I do love my hubby, no matter how grumpy sports can make him.

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