Say Farewell to Northwood

Today, my older brother Curtis says ‘farewell’ to Northwood, New Hampshire as he pulls out of the driveway and heads west towards San Jose, California. He has his whole trip mapped out with his give-a give-a give-a Garmin GPS and Google Earth.

He is making a stop in Rochester, New York to see some college buddies and spend a night or two and then he’s crossing about a dozen states until he reaches Las Vegas, Nevada for a quick rest and maybe strike it rich. His longest rest will be spent at my place in Thousand Oaks, California where he will get some much-needed Cali time as well as his laundry cleaned. Then up north he will travel to San Jose where he will stay with our cousin Kristyl and her husband Jim until he and his friends can purchase a house.

I do not think I could handle that kind of road trip on my own, but Curtis is such a devoted person. When he wants something, he does not stop until he reaches his goal. I wish him luck on this journey and hope he calls me if he gets drowsy at the wheel. I can not wait to see him in a week. New Hampshire is sad to see him leave, but California is so lucky to have him!

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