Upcoming Summer Movies

After seeing Star Trek, Wolverine, Angels&Demons and Terminator Salvation I think the latter will be my all time favorite movie of the summer. I know it is still early in the summer months, but I got really excited about it after seeing it a few weeks ago. I totally loved Christian Bale and Sam Worthington wasn’t bad to look at either.  The film’s story line was very easy to follow and despite being the fourth installment of this series, it did just fine standing on it’s own two feet. It did have a couple of shout-outs to the other Terminator films with some classic lines and props that made me laugh or say to myself, “I remember that!”

I highly recommend you check it out as soon as midnight tonight. There will be midnight showings of the film in just about every part of the country, so why wait?

I just saw Hangover this morning and that was hysterical. It got me really pumped up to go to Vegas (despite not having any plans to do that any time soon). The fact that you never saw them doing the craziness was a really great way to tell the story. The characters could not remember what they did the night before so you as the viewer got to figure it all out as they did. 

The next film I am really looking forward to is Harry Potter in July. Can’t wait!!!

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  1. Lisa says:

    nicki…very nice sentiment…may i request frequent updates…i so love being part of your world…even if it is through your blog…did you see i, too, wrote a ‘curtis is leaving us’ blog…please add yourself as a ‘follower’ on my blog and can you put a link on your blog, to mine, like i have for you…i’d love some of your reader action…love ya…aunt lisa

  2. Nicki says:

    Hey Lisa! Thanks for the comment. I have acquiesced to your request and added your blog’s link to my blog’s main page. I am off to check out your blog now! XOXOX Nicki

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