The Bachelorette

Now that all of my regular TV shows have aired their season finales, I am finally able to watch The Bachelorette on Monday nights live!  I am so excited about this. I actually enjoy the suspense between commercial breaks and anticipate the return of the show.

On Monday night’s episode, the foot fetish guy, Tanner P. had me squealing with uncomfortable laughter. He wants to not only see Jillian’s feet, but he also wants to touch them, kiss them, suck on them…ick!  She has no idea what a freak this guy is!  I know he won’t make it to the end because she will get the gist of how crazy in love he is with feet and say ‘goodbye foot fetish guy!’

Dave and Juan had a showdown–ok, it wasn’t a true showdown, it was more like Dave yelling at Juan calling him a cheese ball and that he is not being his true self around Jillian. Juan disagreed but he is such a pussy that it was pathetic watching him try to bite back at Dave…more like squeak back. I think Jillian will let both Dave and Juan go home before the final episode. She will first see that Dave is an awful drunk (he almost tipped over when she gave him a rose that night!) and then she will decide she wants a man’s man, not a fruit cake like Juan.

Wes continued to win over Jillian with his country music songs that he is claiming to have written for her on the spot. He is so furthering his own music career and I know Jillian will see that. Or she will see that someone else is better suited for her than this bad boy who will so break her heart in the end.

My top three guys for Jillian to end up with are Jake (hottie pilot), Jesse (hottie wine maker), and Kiptyn (hottie business developer? I don’t think those exist). She seems to genuinely like them and enjoy the time she spends with them. She also seems to enjoy being with Juan and Wes but I can’t stand those two dweebs so I am not counting them.

The scenes from next week’s episode show the tension rising as one of the Bachelors (they do not show you who it is) tells Jillian that there are a few guys (yes, more than one!) who have girlfriends back home. Jillian looks so sad, more sad than pissed off, which is what I would be. I would be so mad because as Jillian, I put my life on hold for TWO SEASONS of this show and these guys have the gual to come with strings attached?! WTH?!

They do show Jillian confronting the guys at the rose ceremony about this accusation and then Jake says something like, “I’m here for the right reasons–to find my best friend, to fall in love–and the fact that there are some people here taking up my time, keeping me from finding what I am looking for isn’t right.” Well, it sounded way better when he said it. He’s so my guy for #1 winner, I love Jake! Too bad this show wasn’t like Idol where the viewers could text and vote for who we wanted Jillian to be with. That would be awesome!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Tanner P. is dorky! What can a confident woman see in a dorky guy? He’s not charming, not all that good looking…reminds me of a certain customer who tried to ‘pick me up’ or ‘feel me up’ in the office!

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