Bachelors with Girlfriends?

In last week’s previews for this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, ABC made you think that some of the Bachelors had girlfriends at home and/or were on the show for the wrong reasons. Drama!

As it turns out, a couple of the guys (foot-fetish-Tanner and Reid) were the ones who told Jillian at the cocktail party that she had to worry about some of the guys. But they did not say who had girlfriends (cough-cough-Wes!) or who were here for the wrong reasons, perhaps to further their singing career (cough-cough-Wes!).

Chris Harrison helped Jillian confront the guys after she called off the cocktail party so she could get right down to kicking some of them off the show. But no one came forward despite her begging them to do so with her sad, weepy eyes. Some of the guys got really pissed at hearing this news–was it a cover or does that prove it was not them with the bad intentions?

In the end, she booted drunk-man-Dave and cheese-ball-Juan, which I was THRILLED about because I hated both of them. I’m a bit worried about Jake, I think that Jillian is not that excited about him any longer. To put it in Jake’s own words, what they had after their first one-on-one date seemed to have worn off and cooled down. Jillian told him he was too perfect and it was OK for Jake to be himself, but the he told her that is who he was…so sad.

I was happy to see Jesse and Jillian (doesn’t that sound lovely!) finally get cozy and kiss. He is so dreamy and is a wine maker in Northern California…what could be better than that?!

All in all, this week’s episode was a bust. I think that Jillian should have made foot-fetish-Tanner dish on who it was that he knew had a girlfriend. But scenes from next week show her asking Tanner outright who has a girlfriend and Tanner telling the camera in private that he knows for a fact Wes has a girlfriend. The fact that Wes is too dreamy to be true has to sway Jillian towards booting him, right? Why doesn’t she see through that? He’s so trite and ridiculously gushy with her, I hate it.

They do show Jillian kicking a guy off the show in the privacy of his own hotel room, but they do not show you who it is (of course) so you are left anxiously awaiting next week’s episode to see if Wes is the guy who she sees for what he is: a wanna-be country music star with a girlfriend back home. Damn you Wes for making Jillian cry!

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