Encounters of the Squirrel Kind

Cali and I had an encounter with a squirrel this morning. It was the same one we see every morning beneath a short tree along one of the paths in our complex. It hangs out underneath this tree and feeds on the bird food on the ground that falls out of the feeder. Cali saw the squirrel, her back hair spiked up and she took off. 

I wonder if she knows that she can not catch these creatures but she continued to chase it until it went up the short tree. However, the squirrel should have been smarter and gone the few extra steps to one of the bigger trees. The short tree just made Cali think that the squirrel was actually attainable because it was closer to the ground.

And the squirrel made the loudest noises I have ever heard a creature that small make and that just infuriates a basenji. Cali kept clawing at the tree and balancing on her hind legs as if she was saying, “Come down little squirrel, I just want to play…” But I bet she was thinking to herself, “I will get you squirrel! You’re furry tail is mine!”

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