Anti-Climactic Bachelorette

I felt like last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was anti-climactic. They were all in Whistler where Jillian likes to go to do snow-centered activities and you would think that there would be more than just cozy-by-the-fire fireworks. But there were not.

I do not even care that Ed had to go home because if he didn’t, he would have lost his job. I agree with Jake–in this economy, you can not afford to choose to be unemployed. I’m glad he’s gone because I think it gives Jillian a tougher choice on who to pick. She can no longer float by, she actually has to get serious and cut who she can not be 100% serious about spending her life with.

I am really liking Jake and Jesse. I think both are such dreamy guys. Jake is a pilot and that is cool, but Jesse is a wine maker in Carmel, CA….loooove that! I think that if Jillian takes a moment to compare the two, she would go with Jesse because Jake has a job that takes him out of the state and country on a regular basis. She would hardly ever see him. But with Jesse, she could crush grapes until the cows come home and be happy as a pig in shit. I think Jesse’s the one.

Jillian has to figure it out next week (one can only hope) that Wes is totally there to get publicity and promote his “new CD coming out” which he is now talking about more openly on camera. If Jillian picks him in the end, I might just die. I would loose faith in the show if ABC actually lets her fall for this guy who is going to crush her heart. I think next season they have to give the Bachelorette the chance to see them on camera without them knowing. That would be perfect!

Tanner has figured out that if he starts throwing guys under the bus and saying the names of the ones (Wes) who have girlfriends or the ones (Wes) who are here for the wrong reasons….like promoting their music career—WES!!!….then that is going to hurt his chances with Jillian. But I have yet to see a loving, romantic moment between Tanner and Jillian. I think she is keeping him around because deep down she does want him to spill the beans on who’s who in the bachelor bunch.

Looks like next week we get to see one of the guys suffer from EDT. Yikes! Not sure if I am into that. But why would they talk about them getting busy? I think that maybe it isn’t sex, but “other stuff” done in the bedroom. Even so, why is Jillian getting so teary-eyed and upset? I think that either A) she is over reacting to something that happens to everyone, yeah, right! or B) it is something totally different that actually warrants her to freak out. So once again, ABC has me on the hook to tune in next Monday night, live, to see how it all plays out.

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