Cry Much?

I feel like The Bachelorette cries at least twice every week. I wish she would buck up and quit it already. Toughen up! I’m not too happy with Jillian for this reason and for the fact that she let go one of my top runners, pilot/perfect-Jake. He was seriously the perfect guy and Jillian chose the following dork-chops to meet their families next week:

  • Reid – who she has nothing in common with but thinks there’s a “mysterious” connection since day one
  • Kiptyn – who has a freaky name, big nose (just like Jillian) and is a good cuddler
  • Jesse – super hot hottie wine maker from Carmel, need I say more?
  • Michael – barely-out-of-diapers break-dance instructor, too young to sit still, never mind know what he wants
  • Wes – only-here-for-his album lying, cheating, no good singin fool, who has Jillian wrapped around his little finger, his words, not mine!

I can not wait to see how the home town dates go next week.  Not sure how they will squeeze five of them all over the country into a two hour episode, but definitely looking forward to watching it on my tivo about 30 minutes after it starts so I can fast-forward through all the crap I don’t care about.

Scenes for the rest of the season show Jake flying back to meet with Jillian AND WES to address the fact that Wes has a girlfriend. Wes outright denies it, but of course he would, right? He’s such a player and a stupid musician with a lot of baggage and no heart. I hope she kicks him off soon, I can not stand looking at his face for much longer.

Out of those fab-five, my favorite is Jesse. I do not see how he couldn’t be one of the last two. But I have a feeling that this season will have so much drama at the end, and (of course) more Jillian tears.

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