Happy Birthday, Brady!!!

Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday and tonight we are going to Beso, check it out here. Trendy, right? I’m stoked to go. It is a tradition we have for everyone’s birthday, we either go out that night for a nice meal or we make a meal at home and all enjoy it together. When we go out to eat, it is an excuse to dress up and enjoy a night out, usually in Hollywood or Downtown Los Angeles, which we do not frequent that often.

Tomorrow night I am meeting up with Brady and some of her friends for drinks at The Arsenal, check it out here. I do not go out that often, I like to curl up on the couch with my hubby and puppy and watch TV until we fall asleep. Exciting, I know, but that’s what I usually do and generally what I like to do. But every now and then I’ll go out with friends and end up having a really great time, which is why I am looking forward to Friday night.

So in true Nicki-fashion, I will be helping Brady celebrate her birthday over two days time. Every girl deserves a birthday weekend—no birthday week—let’s just make it a month!

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  1. Divina says:

    Too funny. My mom celebrates her b-day for a month. Ha. Enjoy the nice dinner.

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