What does she want?

Jillian, The Bachelorette: What is this chick all about, anyway? I can not read her at all and frankly, I’m pissed about her decisions thus far. Not only did she boot Jake last week, but she let Jesse go this week—probably because Ed came back into the picture. Yup, that’s right, you heard me, ED CAME BACK! I couldn’t believe it and from the looks of it, neither could Jillian.

To her defense, she seems to have some kind of unspeakable connection with this guy because she was really broken up about it when he left. And ultimately, let him come to the rose ceremony last night so that she could give him a rose and keep whatever “thing” they have going.

Jake came back to tell Jillian that Wes currently has a girlfriend (who’s name is Laurel) and that she should not be fooled by his lies because he is “quick on his feet.” But when the tears were cried and all of Wes’ lies were delivered to Jillian with that sly country smile, she predictably bought it and went to meet his family. I was surprised that she brought it up to Wes’ sister’s and mother. It looks like she brings it up again to Wes next week when they get their overnight dates in Spain. ABC wants you to think that Wes stumbles over his words and lets the girlfriend thing slip, but knowing this show, it is all a ploy to get you to tune in next week. And knowing me, I will.

Jesse was a major catch! I would drive up to Carmel myself if I wasn’t already married. Damn Jillian! WHAT DO YOU WANT!? If you don’t want a very hot, very smart and very business savvy guy that dotes on you…then WHAT?!

Michael was pretty broken up about being let go and admitted to the camera after the boot that he did love her. Poor Michael. But he was a baby so she had to let him go.

Since my front runners, Jake and Jesse, are no longer on the show, I have decided to side with Reid. He is the most normal out of the ones left. His family was fun and genuine and just real. Plus, Reid and Jillian could combine their careers and start a real estate / designer business, sounds good to me!

Kiptyn had a crazy family dynamic in San Diego. His parents were very well traveled and could speak many languages. They had very expensive tastes in everything from food to wine to their homes and what they wore. I felt like Kiptyn’s mom got a little buzzed at the dinner party, she should have stopped after the first bottle of wine instead of consuming four. Jillian seemed uncomfortable there and frankly, I don’t think it could ever work with a name like that…Kiptyn? Are you kidding me?

I don’t know what to say about Ed. He should not be allowed back on the show, unless Jillian really wants him there. And she must, right? She won’t be able to meet his family before this is all over, so I wonder how that will impact her decision on the show’s finale.

I hate Wes. That is all I will say about that. I am no longer looking forward to next week when we get to see another one of Jillian’s stupid mistakes. Whatever will be will just piss me off.

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  1. Sarah Hussey says:

    Oh MY!!! I’m so upset that I missed it last night… I liked Jake the best… And was VERY upset to see she let him go. UGH! I agree with you… What the heck does Jillian want anyways??? Does she even know what she wants? Well, thank you for that write up, you got me all caught up 😀

    Hope you are doing well!


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