Because she likes to cook!

Cali turned on the gas yesterday morning and no one was there to turn it off until our dog walker showed up around 11:30am. When I got the call on my cell and saw the caller ID, I immediately jumped to the conclusion that the dog walker was calling me because something was wrong with Cali. But the first words out of her mouth were not hi, but “Cali’s fine!” We both laughed.

I was not that worried about the gas leaking into our house. Probably not as worried as I should have been, but what could I have done at that point in time? I just reassured our dog walker that Cali uses the stove all the time to prepare her own food because we are teaching her to fend for herself. And she likes to cook!

This is not the first time Cali turned on the gas from jumping up on the counter to take a gander out the kitchen window and see which tree the squirrel was in today. One time she jumped up there out of fright when I was running the vacuum cleaner–I heard the click-click-click and ran downstairs as fast as I could so I could turn it off and rescue her from the sink where she had taken recluse.

Our dog walker suggested baby-proofing the stove top knobs with plastic covers sold at hardware stores and any store that sells kid/baby items. I googled it and found these:

safety knob covers

I had Ryan pick them up on his way home from work yesterday and last night we installed them onto our stove.  They are not a nuisance like I thought they would be. I can just push a small button that pops the top off, adjust the heat, then close the top and the knob is covered and secure. I feel much better about leaving Cali home alone now that these are installed.

For all you new Mommy’s-to-be that I know, am friends with and are related to, you should check these out at Toys R Us or Babies R Us, they had the best price–a 5-pak for $8.99.

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