And then there were three

Last night, Jillian finally saw Wes’ true reasons for being on the show (to promote his music career) as well as confirmed he had a girlfriend (who’s name is Laurel—wanna bet she makes it to the After-The-Final-Rose-Ceremony?).

All the other dates with Reid, Ed and Kip (just can’t add the -tyn to his name, too lame). I could not stand Ed though. I pretty much fast forwarded through the entire Ed-sequence because that’s how made it made me. She definitely has a better connection with the other two.

Jillian chose to not whore herself out on TV and to forego the fantasy suite with everyone except Ed. I understand her reasoning, she wants more time to get to know Ed since he missed out on a couple of key dates that she got to share with the other guys. And she is also trying to be honest with herself about who she really wants to choose in the end. She is giving each guy a fair chance–she even gave Wes a fair chance and kept him on longer than she should have.

In the end, I was glad to see him go and she really didn’t look that upset to put him in the limo.

Priceless Words of Wisdom from Wes:

  • If it’s me that leaves, just know that I’ll be in Austin having lots of sex.
  • For the first time in history, a Bachelor made it to the top four with a girlfriend.
  • My manager said it would be a good idea to come on the show and to make sure I stayed past the first night.
  • I’m in Spain–it’s party time–I’m going out tonight, look out!

Awesome Wes, just awesome. If it was your goal to make a name for yourself, congratulations, you just might have pulled it off. Unfortunately, it might not be the name you were hoping for. I’m thinking along the lines of ‘snake’ or ‘jackass’ and nothing more endearing than that.

Jillian did not seem to like Kip’s answer about not wanting to get engaged after the show was over. Although she is ready and rearing to go, Kip was more anxious to jump into a long-term dating relationship, not an engagement. He is also way to cultured for Jillian. I do not think she would fit into his life or his family that well at all. She needs to snap out of it and see that next week when they are in Hawaii.

Reid is my guy. He’s showing all the signs of jealousy (appropriate levels that is, nothing too psycho) and the intense like-but-could-turn-into-love emotions. They have fun together and are so alike that it’s like they have known each other for a while and have just started dating. They have that honeymoon feeling to their relationship right now. I think it is the real thing.

Ed…what can I say about Ed? I know nothing about him and neither does Jillian. But something is making her keep him around. With Wes gone, she needs a “bad” guy around to even out the perfect-ness in the two good guys (Reid and Kip). I do not think anything long term could come from a relationship with Ed. After all, he already broke her heart and dumped her, then came crawling back. Not a good sign.

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