Beach Day

Two years ago on June 30th of this year, I picked up Cali from the Burbank Animal Shelter and she became part of our family. Last July 4th, I took Cali to the beach and it was such a great way to celebrate my Basenji-girl that I did it again this year. On one of my days off from work for the holiday this year, I packed up the pooch and we headed to Oxnard to enjoy a day on the beach. Well, it was more like 1 1/2 hours because we got tired of running around and really needed a snack.

But before we were tuckered out, we ran onto the beach towards the water, Cali’s leash held firmly in my hand (mistake) as she tugged and tugged to get closer to the waves. Her fear was gone as she bounded into the water and we jumped wave after wave. Cali was covered in salty water and sand and she loved it! I wish I could have taken pictures to show you, but it is hard to operate a camera while holding onto a Basenji at the same time.

After some wave jumping, we did a little seagull chasing, some hole digging and then took a long stroll. We watched people, watched the waves and wished we could fly like a bird to catch the ones taunting Cali on the beach. Once I was in the frame of mind that no, we would not be lying a blanket on the sand and lounging in the sun, it was a great time. We were in constant motion until the very end of our beach time, when Cali decided to sit down and gaze out at the water. We even saw some dolphins jumping in the distance.

After we took one last bound in the salty ocean, we made our way to the car where a very parched doggie got a long cool drink from our cooler. I did a quick change in the car and we were back on the freeway headed in the direction of home. We made a pit stop for some Golden Spoon frozen yogurt and then Petsmart to purchase a brand new (and very snazzy) harness.

One last stop before home was at my mother-in-law’s house to jump in the pool a few times and rinse away the day. And what a great day it was!

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