Wedding in San Diego

If any of you follow me on facebook/twitter, you will know that I spent the past weekend in San Diego with Ryan at a friend’s wedding. The wedding was at a dog friendly hotel called the Loews Coronado so we also brought Cali.¬†She was so well behaved!

We thought we would have to hire a doggie sitter the night of the wedding because we were worried about what she would do if left alone in a strange place. But she grew to love the king sized bed, sunny balcony and lounge chair that allowed her to look out at the ocean.

The drive was about three hours, which was a little hard on the monster, but we allowed her to stick her head out the window (despite going 70 on the freeway) which she seemed to enjoy. The long drive helped with tiring her out that night so we could go to the rehearsal dinner knowing for sure she’d be sleeping.

We tried to include Cali in everything we did that weekend. From running along the beach to exploring the hotel property, she just loved to see new things and get really close to the water. Although the dog beach was too far away to walk, we still had a great time. The hotel was at the tip of an island arm that reached out into the ocean so everywhere we walked had a shady, grassy space for us to lounge or a foot path near the water.

The hotel offered gondola rides, which we took part in after the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. They piled about 20 of us into four different boats and we cruised around the canals, looking at the stars and beautiful water-front homes.

The gondola guys even sang us some songs while we enjoyed the ride and ate chocolate dipped strawberries. Despite being kind of chilly on the water, Ryan and I cuddled close under the blankets they provided. The boats were a bit more tipsy than I would have liked and kept getting nervous that we would tip over and I would take a swim in my sundress, but I was able to get in and out and enjoy the ride without getting wet.

The wedding was on one of the hotel’s balconies overlooking the water. The sun was setting and it was just beautiful. The reception was simple, but classy with accents of silver and royal blue (their colors). Ryan was a groomsman so he got to partake in all of the festivities. I think I enjoyed this weekend more than he did because I got to be a guest without any obligations to the bride or groom. But maybe Cali was the one who enjoyed it the most!

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