No Doubt

Saw No Doubt on Tuesday night with Ryan and Carolyn at Universal’s Gibson Amphitheatre. It was so much fun! We had seats, which was great, and they played all the oldies that everyone knew the words to and got everyone dancing and jumping and singing.

Gwen Stefani had three wardrobe changes. First she came out in low-rise white cargo pants w/ a peri-winkle bra and a white tank top–which was only about 5 inches long because her assistant cuts it for her every night. Second, she changed into a black & white checkered body suit that had short shorts. Lastly, she came out in a black sequined polo shirt and pants. Her hair was her trade mark platinum with three buns tied up tight on her head. She also had her thick eye lashes on as well as bright red lipstick.

The amount of energy she had on stage for 2 hours while she was jumping, dancing and even doing push ups was just amazing. Her abs were unreal–I definitely felt out of shape just watching her! I can’t believe she is 39, has 2 kinds and still looks like that–and has the energy to do this kind of a tour.

The Sounds was the opening act, then came Paramore before No Doubt took the stage, which they assembled with white accents and props to make it look like a 2-level space ship. The lights for every song changed the mood and the colors of the entire stage. The show was full of energy and songs you wanted to hear. None of that Radiohead crap where they refuse to play Creep and High and Dry. It’s like, come on guys, we just want to hear your hits, not some no-name crap you thought up on the bus ride here!

The venue was really nice and clean and there were multiple big screens so you could see what was going on on stage without having seats up front. Gwen was really into the fans and the signs that everyone brought. She signed a few of them and actually brought a couple of fans up on stage so she could hold up the camera and take their picture with her in it. The entire band was really into their fans and that is what made it such a fun night.

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