Definitely Losing Weight

For the past few weeks, I have been getting up around 5:45 or 6:00 in the morning on the weekdays, stumbling out of the bedroom and into our guest bathroom where I change into my workout clothes. I make my way downstairs in the dark, throw on some headphones and a sweatshirt and run for 1.5 miles.

It only takes me about 20 minutes, but by the time I get to the front door after the run, I am dripping in sweat and wide awake. I grab a glass of water and do some stretches in the living room then make my way upstairs to shower, get dressed and ready for work.

Since I have determined that sleep is overrated, I am never too tired to get up when the alarm comes a-callin’ –I just get up and don’t think about it at all.
When the work day is done and I make my stop at the grocery store for that night’s dinner, I prep what I need to for the meal and then head out again for either the 1.5 mile run from that morning or a 2 mile loop around Cal Lutheran. I do take a “day off” from the afternoon run if I am just too burnt out from a busy Monday or a long week come Friday, but I always get up in the morning for the wake-up run. The weekends are a little different: I allow myself to sleep in until 8:30 or 10 depending on how badly Cali has to pee. But I still roll out of bed and run a bit longer than the usual weekday morning mile and a half. Every week, I average between 16-20 miles.

I have also determined that food is overrated as well. I no longer go nutty over every meal of every day. I still look forward to the holiday feasts and my anniversary dinner next week, but I default to salads with chicken when going out to dinner. If I cook at home, I make a point to prepare a vegetable to go with the starch Ryan has requested. I allow myself to have dessert once or twice a week (because let’s face it, once a chocolate-fiend, always a chocolate-fiend) and even then it is frozen yogurt or just a couple of bites of someone else’s sugary sweet dish.

So from the daily exercise and daily practice of making “smart” food choices, I have realized that I am definitely loosing weight. I know that I will never be as skinny as my wedding day when I was 23 with a speedy metabolism and the ability to eat like a bird and not notice any hunger pains. Back in those days (the sad days when we didn’t have a dog) we had more time to ourselves and I could spend an hour after my run doing sit ups, crunches, side bends and anything to make me look stellar in that wedding gown. But now we have a dog to tend to; and with her boo-boo toe taking a third week to fully heal, we already feel guilty leaving her home alone while we run.

I have yet to weigh myself–I think that I will never buy a scale. That’s just something I refuse to do. I already avoid looking at it when at the doctor’s office. Besides, I think that the amount of pounds you weigh is so trivial. If you look good and you feel good, then why does it matter how much you weigh?

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