Happy Birthday Monster!

November 1st is Cali’s 3rd birthday and we are all looking forward to it! Right after my most un-favorite holiday (Halloween for those of you not reading my posts regularly) is Cali’s big day. I always make her a funfetti cake with vanilla frosting, Ryan and I buy her gifts (and so do her Grandmas). We put all of the goodies and sweets on the kitchen table and open up presents together. She is always so overwhelmed by the gifts and abundance of attention we are giving her.

The cake is always moist and lasts about a week (between me, Ryan and Cali all enjoying a piece nightly) and the gifts last forever. She still has some of her 2nd birthday gifts from last year. I always take pictures, but I am planning on taking a video this year with my flip. I want to capture her devouring her cake at the kitchen table and see her big smile and wagging tail while we help her open gifts.

Can’t wait!

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