Consider This

Limited by worth and unconnected to this world

Related to nothing but the seed of purpose

Forget the rules and social initiations

Be yourself, be willing to grow


Find one thing that will not name you

Revel in it – whatever it is – do not fear it

Do not buy into acceptance

Approval is overrated, eccentricity is a lifelong staple


Breathe in criticism and spit out insurgence

Societal structures are mundane – step away

Go to introductory club meetings but strive not to fit in

Skip the buffet of what you should do


Find your expression, give it unbroken interest

Pull the bag off your shoulder full of missing needs

You never considered necessary and plunge your open hand

Wrap your fingers around who you were


Release the pulp of who you want to be

Invest in the sparks of unlikely inspiration

Refuse judgment and leave the looks behind

Honor your artist within and embrace the unlimited


Copyright © 2009 N.E. Tasker

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