Mom’s Coming!

Tomorrow afternoon my Mom flies from NH to CA and I pick her up at LAX around 1:45pm. Can’t wait! We have lunch and spa day planned that day and then brunch at the Magic Castle on Sunday–what could be better than a weekend of full body rub-downs and then magic shows?

I really need some Mommy-and-me time so I am really looking forward to seeing her tomorrow and spending the afternoon together, just her and me. Unfortunately the weather will not be warmer than the high 60’s but I don’t think either of us will mind–there’s no rain in sight so we should be good to go!

I wish I could be home right now, getting everything ready and cleaned up for my Mom’s visit, but that’s going to have to wait until tonight. My body is exhausted from running twice a day since Monday so I need to use tomorrow to sleep in and get some strength back for the drive to LAX and then serious relaxing at Burke William’s Day Spa. Some really great news is that Ryan offered up his time to help me clean–yay! What a great husband!

Cali’s also readying herself for her Grandma’s visit: she had a bath last night and has a tooth-brushing and nail-clipping scheduled with me this evening. So hurry up and get here, Momma, we can’t wait!

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  1. Momma says:

    I cannot wait to visit with you as I am in desperate need of some Nicki and me time…see you soon! Momma

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