Mom’s In Town!

Saturday was as relaxing as I dreamed it would be. My mom landed early so I quickly zipped in to LAX to pick her up and then off we went to grab a bite to eat and then enjoy a few hours at Burke Williams Day Spa.

My massage technician was seeing impaired so she had a yellow lab named Mary helping her move throughout the hallways of the spa and to-and-from the massage room and women’s locker room. I never had a blind massage technician before but I guess that it wouldn’t make much of a difference if they were blind or not, they do not need to see you to give a good massage and she was pretty good! I didn’t have to worry about her seeing me naked either, which was one less thing to worry about.

After our spa and much needed time in the┬ásteam room, we beautified ourselves using all the spa’s amenities and then got dressed and headed back to my house to see Cali & Ryan. Cali was so excited to see her Grandma from NH and gave her lots of kisses, despite my Mom’s lack of loving dog smooches. She was smart to bring dog treats with her on the plane so that upon walking in the door, she could give Cali a cookie, which she LOVED! She was so polite, too, when retrieving the treat from my Mom’s hand. What a good girl!

That night we ate at a new restaurant that just opened up in our area called Nate & Al’s. It is the same deli of the same name in Beverly Hills, but we had to wait an hour to get a table and then another 45 minutes to get our food after sitting down and ordering. The staff was all brand new to food service and the food itself wasn’t spectacular. I think we’ll let that restaurant get the hang of it before we return.

Sunday was great–my Mom took Cali for a walk in the morning so we could get another hour of sleep without puppy paws taking up the entire bed. It was nice to stretch out!

Then we got all dolled up for our brunch at the Magic Castle. There we enjoyed three magic shows and a very yummy buffet of fruit, veggies, breakfast meats, eggs, waffles, roast beef and baked goodies for dessert.

When Ryan and his folks left for home, my Mom and I went to visit Brady’s place and check out her decorating skills. She has done such an impressive job, everything looks so wonderful and all the accent pieces were perfectly picked out.

We went to Hollywood & Highland for some mother-daughter shopping time and had a blast! We ended the evening with a latte and then I drove her to the Burbank airport where she was able to hop on an earlier flight to see Curtis in San Jose.

They both fly in tomorrow afternoon, I can’t wait for the 2nd leg of their trip to begin!

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    I can hear you and mom giggling now

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