Bachelorette Trivia

As you may already know, I LOVE The Bachelorette / Bachelor series. It is one of my guilty pleasures in reality TV and I tivo every single episode. This season of The Bachelorette with Ali does not overlap any of my other Monday night shows so I get to watch it live and I love it! I got my friend at work to watch it as well so that I have someone to talk to about it on Tuesdays.

The office where I work is broken into different sections. The big wigs have offices and us little folk have cubicles. My area has three cubicles and an office behind me where my boss sits. The guy in the cubicle across from me (lets call him Frank) is always coming over, giving me puppy dog eyes and asking for a stick of trident. Since The Bachelorette started, I told him he would not get any gum until he talks to me about the show and cites facts that actually happened, not just who he googled on and “likes” from their pictures. I have begun to ask him trivia questions about the past week’s show and if he answers correctly, he gets some gum. If not, I give him the rest of the day to go online and find the answer. This guy really wants the gum because in the past few weeks he has worked so hard to answer my hand made trivia questions.

Yesterday, after I awarded gum to Frank for answering my trivia question (which was “What two men cried on this past week’s episode?”) my boss (let’s call him Barry) walked out with his hands open in front of him – a silent attempt to ask for gum.

Me –  “No way dude, you have to answer trivia to get gum.”

Barry – “Fine! Give me a question.”

Me – “Give me one of the two nicknames for Justin.”

Barry walks back into his office and I hear him typing and clicking and frantically searching. He tried to throw me off my game by asking what Justin’s last name was, but I was not biting. I repeated the question and 20 minutes later…

Barry – “The Wrestler!”

Me – “I’ll take it. I would have also accepted Rated-R because the lame-o is an entertainment wrestler.”

So even when work slows, I know how to keep everyone entertained.

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