Bachelorette Trade

My friend at work (let’s call her Joyce) is just in love with the vampire Edward from the Twilight series. She has gone ga-ga over the books and the movies and is bouncing off the walls in anticipation of Eclipse, which opens June 30. Below is Joyce’s boyfriend, Edward:


She has tried to get me to read the books since 2008 when the first Twilight movie came out. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good vampire story. My two favorite TV shows are True Blood (HBO) and Vampire Diaries (The CW). I also started reading a series of books about The Black Dagger Brotherhood.

It’s 7 vampire/romance novels that once I read the first page, I can’t put the book down. I have read the first 5 and am saving the last 2 for my trip to Europe to try and eat up the airplane time with some vampire fantasy. Joyce says that if I like “that trash” I would also like Twilight, but I keep telling her that there is no way there is enough sex in the Twilight saga to keep my attention. I have a hard time reading books that are super PG and without enough fantasy. When it comes to reading a book, if it doesn’t hold my interest at page 150, I have the right to put it down and never read it again. In my opinion, a book should not be about normal, everyday events because I see enough of that in my day-to-day life. I think that is why vampires intrigue me.

So, I have been hounding Joyce to watch The Bachelorette for a while now and she has finally succumbed to my incessant nagging and is now hooked to the show. She came up to my about 2 minutes ago and said…

Joyce – “I was thinking…”

Me – “Oh no, am I in trouble!?”

Joyce – “No, you’re not in trouble, BUT you made me watch The Bachelorette so I think it is only fair that I make you watch the Twilight movies. Then you can fall in love with them and see Eclipse with me on June 30! It’s only fair!”

Me – **sigh** “You’re right, that is fair. I will watch the movies, but I refuse to read the books. There aren’t enough minutes in my life to read that crap.”

Her head just about blew off her body, she was fuming! I love this about her. I like to push her to the end and make her so livid, all the while I am getting a good laugh.

Joyce is what I call one of my freak-friends. I have two freak-friends. Joyce and Tanya (name was made up to protect the actual person). Tanya is also obsessed with Twilight, although she claims not to the extent of Joyce’s obsession. But they are both re-reading the Eclipse book in preparation of the movie and are both going to see it on opening night. Freaks!

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