World Cup 2010

Ryan will be so proud. I just watched the first match (South Africa v. Mexico) online. Actually, I read it online and watched hi-lights when posted them 30 seconds after they happened.

The way I see it, I have to find some kind of peace with soccer because it is such a big part of Ryan’s life. He is on two soccer teams, one indoor and one outdoor, and he has been hanging out socially with his soccer buddies more and more in the past few months. I have even tagged along when I know 100% that I won’t be the only female attending.

Tomorrow morning at 11:30am, we are heading to one of his soccer buddies’ house where we were invited by him and his wife to watch the USA v. England game. I know at least one other female will be in attendance (the host’s wife) so that’s good news. Plus they just had an open house because they recently bought this house in April so I know that it will not be a man’s cave with dirty carpets and food on the couch cushions.

I would be rooting for my boyfriend, David Beckham (I mean, come on, look at this picture, wouldn’t you be rooting for him as well just to see him take off his jersey when they won the game?!?!)

But he is not on the roster due to an injury so by default, I will be rooting for USA.

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