Bachelorette Trade: Update

DISCLAIMER: The information in this blog post may not be suitable for my freak friends. Please, Joyce and Tanya, proceed reading at your own risk.

As I mentioned before my friend Joyce and I had a deal. She would start to watch this season of The Bachelorette so that we can discuss at work and I would watch Twilight and New Moon so that we can both love the story and see Eclipse together

Well, now that I have watched these movies, I am now granted full immunity and have the right to totally speak my mind. I did not like these movies at all.  I understand that Twilight was super low budget and it was only after the movie studio saw how much bank they were making off of this vampire story that they put a whole lot more into New Moon.

Granted, New Moon did look better than Twilight, but I was super bored with the second half of this movie. Twilight was able to keep my interest for 90% of the time mostly because it was the introduction to the entire story and one of my favorite things about a movie/story is how it all came to be, in the very beginning. New Moon did nothing for me–it just left me constantly checking the time, asking myself, “When will this movie be over!?”

I felt like New Moon was trying to end with a cliff-hanger (if any of you have seen this movie then you will know exactly what I mean) but it just made me shout “Finally! I can turn it off!” The movie did not do what I think was their job: to make me want to see more of this Twilight Saga.

In no way am I anxious to see what happens next in Eclipse. And I definitely do not want to waste time reading these books. To be honest with you, I wouldn’t mind if one of my freak friends Joyce or Tanya just straight up told me what happens in the next few movies. However, Tanya did tell me who Bella chooses in the end–I guess everyone already knows that because they have read the books– so why would I bother watching more of this trite story that does not satisfy or intrigue any of my vampire fantasies?

Joyce, believe me when I say I mean no offense. You are a freak and you love this crap (but mostly Edward) so I feel like I did my duty as your friend and gave it a chance.

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2 Responses to “Bachelorette Trade: Update”

  1. Joyce says:

    You did stand by your word and watch the movies. For that I’m proud and will watch the bachelorette till the end. Of course you wouldn’t fall in love with Edward the way I did, because you won’t read the books…PS. they have sex! (did i stir your curiousity?)Anywho….why couldn’t my alias have been Bella, not Joyce??!!!!

  2. Nicki says:

    My dearest Joyce:
    Nope, you did not stir my curiosity one bit. I’m so sorry I can’t be as big a freak about Edward and the Twilight Saga as you are. But I have no doubt you can find a freak out there to talk to you about all this crap.
    Love, PC

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