Ryan & Rasheed

I am a huge radio station surfer in the mornings on my drive to work. I am not a big fan of talk on morning stations especially when stupid listeners call in to bitch about their personal problems in search of advice from other listeners that are in reality, STRANGERS! I mean, come on people, don’t you have a friend or mother you could ask advice from??? Anyway, it’s a huge pet peeve of mine so when the music stops and the talk starts, I surf.

One of the stations I frequently land on while surfing is KISS FM 102.7 with Ryan Seacrest.

He is usually pretty comical and has stories from the industry (movies & TV) and I always find that kind of stuff interesting so this station is saved on one of my car radio’s pre-sets. This morning, he was telling a story about going to a hotel near their radio station in order to get a work-out in between meetings. I guess he usually goes to the same gym every day by his house, but he was busy all day so he didn’t have time to go home to work out.

As he was walking into the lobby of the hotel, he saw a tour buss pull up and out walked extremely tall men dressed in green–the Celtics. As all of you should be aware, the Celtics are about to play Game 6 of the championship tonight versus the Lakers. And being from LA, Seacrest is a Lakers fan.

He’s actually a pretty good story teller and he keeps referencing what is going through his mind as he’s riding the elevator with about six Celtic players. He doesn’t know who these guys are because he does not follow the team, but he┬ácomes to find out that the guy right next to him is Rasheed Wallace.

Wallace looks down at Seacrest and says, “Aren’t you on TV? You’re on that show.” And Seacrest replies, “Yes.” Rasheed looks at his fellow teammates and says, “Hey, this guy hosts┬áStar Search.”

I burst out laughing at the top of my lungs. Being the host of American Idol, Seacrest didn’t really know what to say. He was confused if Wallace actually thought he hosted Star Search or if it was a joke. When the elevator dings! on the work-out floor, Seacrest steps off of the elevator and totally misses his opportunity to trash-talk the Celtics by saying “Have fun!” Now believe me when I tell you I was dying, DY-ING!

Seacrest said that the Celtics camera guy was also in the elevator with them and got off on the same floor as Seacrest. The camera guy is laughing as they walk away from the closing elevator doors and when Seacrest asks what’s so funny, the camera guy replies, “That Star Search thing–Wallace knows you host American Idol.”

Rasheed Wallace was trash-talking Ryan Seacrest. AWESOME!

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  1. Ryan "Lakers Rule" Woods says:

    Rasheed Wallace sucks. Seacrest should have said to him, hey, arent you the fat guy who plays for the celtics that trotted from 3 point line to 3 point line for 82 games of the regular season.

    Celtics going down Thursday

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