Love the World Cup

This year I love the World Cup for one main reason: Ryan wakes up early to watch the games and takes Cali pee. I take Cali out every morning before I leave for work; I also take her out on Saturday & Sunday and then go back to bed. This must be a sight to my neighbors as I throw on slippers and a hooded sweatshirt and shuffle outside with eyes closed to the nearest patch of ivy.

Ryan’s sole responsibility in regards to taking the dog out, is to make sure she goes pee before we all go to bed, and the later the better! If she pees super late at night, the odds of her sleeping in the next morning and not stepping on your stomach and licking your face at 7:00am are very good.

Since the World Cup started a few weeks ago, each night Ryan looks on the DirecTV guide and records the early morning game (4:30am) and then sets his alarm for 6:00am so he can watch it in bed before he gets up for work.

It is so rare for me to be able to talk to my husband in the morning hours while I get ready for work. So I like that a lot. But what I love even more is on the weekends when he is up at the crack of dawn and takes Cali to go pee without me even asking (more like begging) which is what I usually have to do. Some mornings I am half awake and lie still so everyone thinks I am sleeping, enjoying the fact that I do not have to sleep walk in my pajamas out the door so the dog can release her bladder. But other mornings I am fast asleep, practically dead to the world–and a jumping basenji–and slowly wake up around 10:00am, unaware that they even left the room four hours ago.

This weekend will be more of the same: me lying in bed, enjoying the sleep and Ryan leaving the entire bed to my limbs that stretch out. I can not wait.

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