Summer Fruit

I have had great luck this summer with finding very ripe and very cheap red cherries.

I recently had rainer cherries for the first time and was surprised how good they were despite their unorthodox color (compared to the red cherries I’m used to eating).

New Hampshire fruits of the summer that I loved to eat the most were blueberries by the handful from one of the seven bushes in the backyard of my house growing up. I was able to teach Sophie how to locate the berries on the bush and to avoid the leaves. Sunday mornings, my mom would walk outside with a measuring cup and pick what she needed to make blueberry muffins.

I can also remember my mom eating red raspberries in cream with sugar (like it was cereal). She said that if you were a very wealthy person, you ate that every morning. There were wild blackberry bushes in our backyard toward the woods and by our mailbox (before the post office moved in next door). You could eat them right off the bush they were that perfect.

Strawberries are another favorite of mine. We would cut them up, dip them in sour cream and then in brown sugar. So good! My parents had them for dessert at a restaurant one time and they have been eating strawberries like that ever since.

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