Sophie & Brianna

When I go home in August, Sophie may or may not remember me. Kind of like Brianna, my flower girl at my wedding. When she was born, I was 20 years old and was home from college. I babysat her every day of the summer and had such a great time being around her.

Now that I am 28, she is 8 years old. Last time I saw her, it was a few years it took her a while to figure it out–that the Nicki from the wedding pictures was the Nicki why just flew in from California and now has super short hair. Brianna’s mom and my mom (and probably all my Aunts now that I think about it) have done a very good job of talking about me with her so that my memory stays alive. Now that she is a bit older, she remembers me better and has even talked to me on the phone a few times. I’m hoping for a big hug and a kiss when I see her in August–we’ll see!

Sophie used to pee herself she would be THAT excited to see me when I would come home to visit from college. I think even if she does not remember me, she will still be happy to get a belly rub from me, no matter who I am.

This picture was taken a few days before I moved to Los Angeles. I was saying my goodbyes to my Sophe-a-loaf.

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