High School Nightmares

I have this recurring nightmare that I have to go back to high school. In this awful dream, I have no friends and have to start at the beginning: the dreaded freshman year. In this dream I am at a Sophomore level, but I get pulled back to the freshman classes and it is incredibly embarrassing. I hate this dream and always wake up believing that I am actually back in NH, still attending CBNA. This feeling always wears off after a few minutes of me working out reality in my head and then I get this wonderful feeling of relief that I am no longer a teenager (thank goodness!) and no longer have to go to any kind of school or classes or do homework or sit alone at lunch.

Man I hated high school! It took me all of freshman year for me to find my place and make some friends. Sophomore year was great, I had two best friends, Kristen & Becca, and we were like the three musketeers–just inseparable! We had a lot of classes together and always ate lunch together either in the cafeteria or the nurse’s station if we could make our way there before the bell rang.

But for some reason, when I have this nightmare about being back in high school again, I never dream of the three musketeers or our lunches together. I always dream of freshman year, which is the worst!

I have this view of high school. It is something we all have to do and no one enjoys their four years there (except the select few, probably 0.5% of people who attended high school). They either got picked on, had no friends or tried to fit in and just couldn’t do it. It’s one of those things that you have to grin and bear it.

It is probably good that I had a so-so experience in high school, that I didn’t play sports or become a cheer-leader (almost happened btw). I am happy now, but wasn’t at the time that I never got the chance to  date a super-star-sports-jock (never even came close to happening). I am glad I wasn’t in the famous band that played at the home basketball games. I am not proud to say I was in the Science Club for one year, but am happy I saw the light and dropped out of that after-school-special. I think my experiences in high school will help me to better reflect on my future children’s troubles that they will undoubtedly have at least once during the four year stint in a prison full of bullies and cliques.

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